Company profile

MEDEX Ltd. was founded more than 5 years ago with participation of the Medical Engineering Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. At the present time MEDEX Ltd. is a dynamically growing company engaged in procurement of medical equipment and consumables, as well as in the after-sales service, repair and technical maintenance of medical equipment.

MEDEX Ltd. is extensively introducing the most progressive and advanced technologies and information systems into the national care practice.

MEDEX Ltd. co-operates with more than 100 patient care institutions and research centres throughout the Russian Federation. The company has its own network in the regions of Russia.

Goals and Strategies

The main objective of the company is to provide ambulance services, medical institutions and research centers with up-to-date high-performance medical equipment and consumables, as well as to introduce advanced devices and technologies into medical practice in order to improve public medical healthcare.

  • Continual search throughout Russia and abroad for innovative technologies, devices and systems followed by their implementation in practice
  • Constant improvement of after-sales service of medical equipment

Combining our 15 years’ experience on the Russian medical market with the professional approach to all the declared objectives, MEDEX Ltd. aims to be among the most advanced companies that provide high quality services.

The main lines of business of MEDEX Ltd. are:

  • Sale of equipment and consumables for emergency, functional and laboratory diagnostics, surgery, endoscopy, urology, gynecology, obstetrics, neonatology, anesthesiology, resuscitation, physiotherapy etc.
  • Comprehensive turnkey equipping of patient care institutions in respect to their specific character and customers' requests
  • Commissioning, warranty and after-sales service carried out by specially trained technicians

Our foreign partners

MEDEX Ltd. represents in Russia, often exclusively, a number of world’s leading manufacturers of medical equipment:

  • 77 Elektronika (Hungary)
    Equipment for laboratory diagnostic (urine analyzers)
  • Alaris (UK)
    Syringe and infusion pumps
  • Aloka (Japanese)
    Ultrasound scanners
  • APEL (Japanese)
    Equipment for laboratory diagnostic (bilirubin analyzers)
  • Awareness Technology (USA)
    Equipment for laboratory diagnostic (biochemical, immune-enzyme analyzers)
  • B.BRAUN (Germany)
    Infusion and injection solutions
  • Behnk Electronic (Germany)
    Equipment for laboratory diagnostic (coagulomoters)
  • BIONET (South Korea)
    Fetal monitors and dopplers
  • BIONICS (South Korea)
    Monitoring devices
  • BISTOS (South Korea)
    Fetal monitors and dopplers
  • BTL (UK)
    Therapy and examination couches, gynaecology chairs, electrocardiographs, physiotherapy devices
  • Cheiron (Czech Republic)
    Electrosurgical devices
    Monitoring devices
    Monitoring devices
  • Diatron (Austria)
    Equipment for laboratory diagnostic (hematologic analyzers)
  • DIESSE Diagnostica (Italy)
    Equipment for laboratory diagnostic (ESR analyzers)
  • DRAEGER (Germany)
    Medical Therapy devices
  • EGO Zlin (Czech Republic)
    Complex biological protection system, logistic and decontamination system for urgent medicine or long-term treatments
  • EKF Diagnostic (Germany)
    Equipment for laboratory diagnostic (Glucose and lactate analyzers)
  • ELMI (Latvia)
    Equipment for laboratory diagnostic (sedimentation centrifuges, shakers, thermostats)
  • ESAOTE (Italy)
    Ultrasound scanners
  • F.STEPHAN (Germany)
    Anesthesia-respiratory apparatuses
  • FANEM (Brazil)
    Neonatal resuscitation devices
  • FUCUDA (Japanese)
    Electrocardiographs, ultrasound scanners
  • GE (UK)
    Ultrasound scanners, monitoring devices, phototherapy systems
  • HemoCue (Sweden)
    Equipment for laboratory diagnostic (albumen, hemoglobin, glucose analyzers)
  • HOSPITEX Diagnostics (Italy)
    Equipment for laboratory diagnostic (biochemical, hematologic, ESR analyzers, densitometers, coagulometers)
  • Huntleigh HealthCare (Germany)
    Fetal dopplers
  • LAERDAL (Norway)
    Equipment for urgent medicine
  • LED (Italy)
    Electrosurgical devices
  • MEDELA AG (Switzerland)
    Neonatal equipment
  • Medical Electronic Systems (Israel)
    Equipment for laboratory diagnostic (sperm quality analyzers)
  • Metrax (Germany)
  • MICROS (Austria)
    Equipment for laboratory diagnostic (binocular microscopes)
  • NIHON KOHDEN (Japanese)
    Electrocardiographs, defibrillators, bedside monitors
    Pulseoxymeter devices
  • OLSEN (Brazil)
    Operation tables, examination chairs
  • OLYMPUS (Japanese)
    Endoscopy equipment
    Fetal monitors
  • Pulmonetic Systems (USA)
    Monitoring devices
  • SENSITEC (Netherlands)
    Infusion systems
  • SCHILLER (Switzerland)
    Electrocardiographs, defibrillators, monitoring devices, spirometers
  • SIEMENS (Germany)
    Ultrasound scanners
  • SpinReact (Spain)
    Equipment for laboratory diagnostic (coagulometers)
  • StatSpin (USA)
    Equipment for laboratory diagnostic (sedimentation centrifuges)
  • TAKAOKA (Brazil)
    Anesthesia-respiratory apparatuses
  • TECHNO MEDICA (Japanese)
    Equipment for laboratory diagnostic (blood gas analyzers)
  • TERUMO (Japanese)
    Infusion systems
  • VILTECHMEDA (Lithuania)
    Infusion systems
  • WEINMANN (Germany)
    Equipment for urgency medicine
  • Welch Allyn (USA)
    Defibrillators, monitoring devices
  • WEYER (Germany)
    Neonatal resuscitation equipment
  • ZOLL (USA)

Our customers

The customers of MEDEX Ltd. are not limited by Medical Centre of Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation, Cancer Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, Sklifosovsky Research Centre of Emergency Care, Burdenko Research Institute of Neurosurgery of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, Botkin Clinical Hospital, Moscow hospitals, diagnostic centres and clinics, Gazprom clinic, private medical centres such as OAO Medicina, Endosurgery and Lithotripsy Centre, departmental medical institutions of the Federal Security Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, Russian Railways, Kulakov Scientific Centre of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Perinatology, MONIKI, Scientific Research Institute of Children’s Emergence Surgery and Traumatology, Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation, and many others.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is our intention to change people’s lives for the better. That is why MEDEX Ltd. is in close cooperation with charity funds such as International Charity Fund SM Charity, United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF.

Our staff

Employees of MEDEX Ltd. are doctors, engineers, programmers, lawyers, economists and trained sales managers. Most of the personnel speak foreign languages, the top managers have academic degrees. The professional skill of the personnel is constantly increased by regular training programs, participation in seminars and probation at manufacturers' works.

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